Diagnostics. In SBALDOHZ the full range of blood and biochemical parameters can be analysed as well as tumour markers, fluocytometry analysis (immunophenotyping) of peripheral blood, bone marrow, microbiological analysis of blood, biological fluids and tissues. If additional analysis or consultation is needed, the patients are directed in due time to contractual partners in reputable centres in Sofia.

Medical treatment. In SBALDOHZ chemotherapy (antitumour medication) is applied to all malignant and other tumour and blood diseases of children and teenagers up to 18 years old. On special medical evidence adults can be treated the same way. The hospital has signed contracts with the National Health Insurance Fund for hospitalisation and the whole medical-diagnostic process for the time of hospitalisation is free of charge. SBALDOHZ provides the accompanying people with the possibility to accommodate in the Family house on a hotel-like basis.

Transplantation. The following types of transplantations have been carried out in SCOH since 1997:

    • autologous bone marrow transplantation - the source of the stem cells is the patient him/herself
    • allogenic (donor) bone marrow transplantation - the source of the stem cells is a donor different from the patient

Other activities. In SBALDOHZ , being the biggest and to date the only separate hospital for children's oncohaematology in the country, education of medical staff is carried out within the university and postgraduate programmes.

The Specialized Children's Oncohaematology Hospital (SBALDOHZ) has at its disposal beds for intensive treatment, a broad range of necessary medicine, materials, and reagents as well as unique equipment.

The cabinet for psychological and upbringing activities offers special organization, up to date facilities and abundant material and technical foundation ensuring a complete combination of education, playing and relaxation. Teaching to the patients of school age is also carried out in the cabinet. A state-owned primary school is functioning in SBALDOHZ . A team of qualified teachers offers the children from 1-st to 8-th grade education consistent with the National curriculum. An opportunity is also afforded to get marks, grads and a certificate for educational degree.